In each seminar you will . . .

  • Learn powerful techniques for writing, camera, lighting, audio, directing and editing - all taught without one word of techno-babble. And taught in a way that you can easily implement in your classroom.
  • Receive one-on-one instruction. Each seminar is limited to 12 teachers who will form three "studios." Each "studio" will make their own movie, gaining plenty of hands-on experience.
  • Have fun! Yes, making movies is hard work, but by pursuing a dream together, it is also about fun, team work and camaraderie.
  • Learn the trick of doing on-camera interviews with only one camera.
  • Learn how movie making can fit into your curriculum.
  • Become an expert in editing. All movies will be edited on the Casablanca Avio, with one-on-one instruction every day. If you want to become an expert on the Avio or the Kron, this is your chance!

There will be 3 seminars in the summer of 2005

Each seminar is scheduled Monday through Friday and will be limited to 12 teachers. If you're worried about the technical side of video equipment, don't. We provide equipment. We walk you through it. The only requirement to be part of this seminar is the desire to learn!



Each Seminar is Devoted to One Topic


Choose Civil Rights and you might make your movie about the march across the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, the historic event that helped bring about the Voting Rights Act.


Photo by Dan Brothers

You might visit Montgomery to tell the story of Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and
the Bus Boycott.

Photo by Dan Brothers

Choose Helen Keller and you will take your production to Ivy Green where young Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan discovered the miracle.


Choose To Kill a Mockingbird and you and your camcorder will travel to Monroeville, Alabama to document the town and the courthouse that inspired Harper Lee when she wrote her masterpiece.



Your seminar begins the moment you enroll!

We'll send you a research packet, complete with the book and video training program Make A Movie That Tells a Story. This package will include research sources, archival footage and project ideas guaranteed to jump start you production.


You'll learn the technique of making movies . . .

. . . You'll also learn to move the human heart



To Kill a Mockingbird


. . . has moved the hearts of millions. When you go "on location," you will visit the courthouse from Harper Lee's novel. Atticus' law office is there. So is the jail where Scout, Jem and Dill faced Mr. Cunningham and saved Tom Robinson from the lynch mob. The tree where Boo Radley hid treasure for the children has died, but the stump from that tree is in the principal's office in the elementary school. If you choose this seminar, you can interview a professor of American literature who is an expert on To Kill a Mockingbird.

Photo by Shamsi Basha



Civil Rights


There are young people in America who are not aware that at one time, in parts of our country African American people could not vote. Learn the technique of making movies while documenting history in a way that will educate and move the hearts of your students. Interview people who were actually part of the Civil Rights movement and take that history back to your classroom.

Photo by Charles Moore



Helen Keller


. . . could neither hear nor see, but she lived a life that inspired millions. Alabama students visit her home at Ivy Green. Your students may not be close enough to visit, but you and your camcorder can take them there. Work with your students, researching Helen Keller, then come to Alabama where you and your camcorder will discover the miracle of The Miracle Worker.

Photo by Shamsi Basha