Your writer will e-mail his script to the Production Department and they will shoot his movie. When your young writer sees his work on screen, his self esteem will soar!

If your student is an artist, that talent can contribute to this project -- by creating artwork for one of the episodes. Scan the art into the computer (learning technology in the process) and e-mail to the Production Department.
Let’s say a student actor is portraying Lewis – talking about being chased by a grizzly bear. In making the movie, the student editor will cut from "Lewis" talking on-camera to the art work of Lewis being chased by the grizzly. This will bring the movie to life while engaging your student’s talents – and helping her see that her work has value!

Student Producers will be seeking song writers who want to write a theme song for one of the episodes – or write the score for the movie. Lewis bought a dog in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania – at the beginning of the expedition. The dog’s name was Seaman. Seaman was with the expedition all the way to the west coast and back – and even once saved the expedition from charging buffalo! A group of students might make a movie about Lewis and his dog -- and your students could write the theme song. Write the song, record it to a computer and e-mail the music file to the Production Department. When the young song writers see how their song helped tell the story of Lewis and Clark, their self esteem will soar!

Wardrobe People
Production Departments will need costumes to tell this period story. These costumes can be made from inexpensive fabric and old sweat pants. Your students might want to serve as the Wardrobe Department – by making some of the costumes.

On-location Camera People
The Production Department will shoot the movie, but they might need footage from a specific location. Let’s say they are producing the episode about the time Sacajewea guided Lewis and Clark to the head waters of the Missouri River. To get them there, she had to find Beaver Head Rock. Students in Montana, near Beaver Head Rock, might shoot the on-location video footage of Beaver Head Rock and send it to the Production Department to be used in their episode.

Promotion People
Every movie needs a good Promotion Department. No matter where you live, your students could create the advertising campaign for one of the episodes, using computer technology to design the movie poster.

No matter where you live or what talents your students have, there’s a way for your students to participate in this adventure in learning. Are there other ways you think students can contribute? Let us know, and we'll add your idea to this page.