This is a chance for you and your family to travel the trail of Lewis and Clark and make a movie about your experience -- learning history, writing, and filmmaking in the process.

Don’t take your video home and put it in a drawer! Share it with the world by broadcasting your movie from our Make a Movie.Net screening room.

The tourist edition of Make a Movie about Lewis and Clark,
is written for the amateur movie maker
who is traveling (or plans to travel) the trail.

The book teaches proven, step-by-step methods for finding a story about Lewis and Clark, researching that story, writing the script, shooting, directing, and editing your movie, using your home camcorder.

"This book has it all -- the stories that took place along the trail along with the lessons of how to turn those stories into scripts -- and those scripts into movies."
--Harry Fritz, PhD
Lewis and Clark Scholar University of Montana

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