Billy Field spent 14 years in Hollywood where he worked in editing, camera, lighting and sound, then went on to write for the television series FAME and feature films for Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century Fox and Disney. He presently lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with his son Joe Will, where he writes screenplays and runs his cyber studio, Make A Movie.Net, A Worldwide Network of Students Making Movies.

Billy FieldMake A Movie. Net is designed to teach K-12 students and teachers how to make movies that tell a story or documentaries like The Hero Next Door, the documentary program that trains students to make a movie about someone from their community who, through an act of courage or kindness, made a difference in the life of their community.

Billy also created The Lewis and Clark Movie Making Project.

Billy is author of the much acclaimed book and video training program: Make a Movie that Tells a Story, Using a Home Camcorder and Other Stuff You Already Own and his latest hit Make aMovie about Lewis and Clark.

When Billy’s not teaching kids to make movies, he’s writing his own stories (he sold one this year to Lifetime) and trying to get his son to do his homework.